Monday, July 26, 2010 on WHAS-11 News at 5 pm
Doug Proffitt, reporter for WHAS-11 called saying he and his wife were driving down Payne Street when they saw our Billy Goat Hill Community Garden.  
They stopped, got out of their car, walked throughout the garden and talked with one of our gardeners.  Doug Proffitt called to say he wanted to do a story about the garden.

Last Thursday he and a camera man came to the community garden, interviewed Eric Osborne from the Nativity Academy at St. Boniface, Sondra Powell from Red Hot Roasters Organic Coffee, Lucas Do from Boy Scout Troop 40 and Elwood Stroder our head beekeeper.

Eric Osborne
from the Nativity Academy at St. Boniface explains the shiitake mushroom project.  Nativity Academy 6th, 7th and 8th graders have a raised garden area. They are also in charge of the garden compost project and the shiitake mushroom project.

Sondra Powel from Red Hot Roasters Organic Coffee explains how she provides the garden with discarded coffee beans and grounds for our compost bins.  We use compost for our garden beds which grow produce and flowers.  The bees from our beehives get pollen and nectar which they turn into honey.  We give Red Hot Roasters honey from our beehives which Sondra uses for a special beverage: Latte Espresso with local (our) honey.  

Lucas Do explains the Eagle Scout projects of Boy Scout Troop 40: mediation sitting area, the walking paths, butterfly garden, wild flower growing area and the soon-to-be created bird sanctuary.  Lucas Do is volunteering his time this summer as a National Honor Student by working with the Mercy SHV Day Break Program, butterfly garden and assessing soil in our waist-high garden beds.

Elwood Stroder, our head beekeeper.  Elwood is explaining the importance of bees in that bees pollinate 80 to 90% of the world food supply.  In the Clifton/Crescent Hill neighborhood areas there are at least eight back-yards with beehives.  Last year our bees produced about seventy pounds of honey.  Also, last year our light amber honey won the Blue Ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair.