Garden Beds

In August 2011 an additional 8, 4x8 raised garden beds were build from funds received through a Brightside Naturescape grant for use by individuals on our waiting list.

In 2009, 18 garden beds were built and installed by Youth Build Louisville with funding provided by the Clifton Community Council.  In 2010, 9 more cedar raised beds were added with funding provided through a United Parcel Service grant. There are 24, 4x8 raised garden beds, 3, 3x3 waist high garden beds, and 8 in-ground garden areas for a total of 35 garden beds.

The eastern cedar lumber is purchased from a family owned mill, Richard Newton, Eastern Red Cedar in Marengo, Indiana, about 30 miles north of Louisville, 1-800-989-3637 or 812-365-2495.  The garden soil is purchased from Nugent Sand on River Road.

Beginning April, 2011 gardeners will sign a lease agreement and pay a small fee to have a garden bed.  Annual garden bed fees are $15 for a 3x3 raised and $25 for a 4x8 raised bed.

                            $15 for 3x3 raised bed 

Gardeners check the growth on their vegetables

                                $25 for 4x8 raised bed

In August 2011, 8 new garden beds were built from funds received through a Brightside Naturescape grant application.
Pam Vetter,
Aug 29, 2011, 4:10 PM