Electric Goat

Mayor Greg Fischer and Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh joined us on Thursday, July 28 at 10:30 am. for a press conference to unveil the new "Electric Goat", the Zeon Hustler all electric zero turn riding mower from Southern Indiana Equipment, 4433 Cory Dr, Lanesville, IN  47136, 812-952-1706, Mike Walter, sales representative.
The all electric zero turn riding mower is the first one purchased in Jefferson County and the 2nd one purchased in the state of KY according to the distributor.  The mower is recommended by Metro Air Pollution Control.  Besides cutting the grass at our 1 acre garden, the mower will be used for educational and outreach purposes to further sustainable living and air pollution and environmental concerns.  Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh announced today that Phase 2 of this project will be to install solar panels to recharge the electric batteries on the riding lawn mover.

The purchase of this new equipment is made possible by a grant from Tina Ward-Pugh, 9th District Metro Council, as a Green Triangle Initiative.

To check out the MetroTV video of the press conference click on this link -- 
Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh speaking at the press conference on 7/28/11 with Mayor Fischer, Mike O'Leary and Ron Zipp of Southern Indiana Equipment where the Electric Goat was purchased

Mayor Fischer presents Mike O'Leary with a proclamation naming 7/28/11 as 'Billy Goat Hill Garden Day'.  We also received from APCD the 'KAIRE Kentuckian Air Education' , their Environmental Stewardship award for environmentally sensitive lawn design and maintenance

Mayor Fischer announced 'start your motor' and waved the checker flag as Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh began her test ride around the Garden.  Electric mowers don't have an 'engine'.

On May 11 Mike O'Leary, Virginia Forest, Kyle Ethridge from Tina's office, and Shane Corbin from Metro Air Pollution Control drove to Lanesville, IN to test drive the electric riding mower

Mayor Fischer thanks Tina for the green initiatives in the 9th District and presents her with an award.  Lauren Anderson, Director of Air Pollution Control stands next to Tina.


9th District Council Tina Ward-Pugh and Mayor Greg Fischer before the inaugural ride on the new "Electric Goat" 

Mike O'Leary thanks Tina, Mayor Fischer and Mercy Sacred Heart Village for their support of the garden.

  Louisville Office of the Mayor
Greetings to whom all these presents
Shall come, know ye that
July 28, 2011
is hereby proclaimed in
Louisville, KY to be
Billy Goat Hill Community Garden Day
and I urge all citizens to observe this
Special recognition

Done in Louisville, Commonwealth of KY, 
this the Twenty-eighth date of July, 2011
Greg E. Fischer, Mayor