Eagle Scouts

Boy Scout Troops 40 and 315 have scouts earning their Eagle Scout rank by doing projects within the garden.  They have created walking paths, the butterfly garden, the meditation sitting area and planted native flowers to stabilize and secure the hillside slope of the house next to the garden.  During the fall of 2010, the boys created a bird sanctuary at a water detention basin next to the garden.
Bat houses, birdhouses, butterfly garden, meditation area, wildflower growing area and walking paths completed through volunteer help of Boy Scout Troops 40 and 315 Eagle Projects

The Boy Scouts wheelbarrow mulch into the forms they built to        create walking paths throughout the garden

Tree stumps are drilled in the center to create a hole to receive the wrought iron rods, then mortar is poured in the hole to secure the iron rods in their vertical position

The scouts assemble the purple martin house

Boy Scout Troop 315 are treated to Clifton Pizza after working in the garden



The scouts stop work for a group photo