Butterfly Garden

Benefits of Butterfly Gardens to Vegetable Gardens

1.   Pollination - Butterflies are pollinators of vegetables.  Butterfly gardens also attract other vegetable pollinators to the area as well.

2.   Beneficial Insects - Butterfly gardens also attract other beneficial insects to the area that help combat vegetable garden pests. 

3.   Biodiversity - Butterfly gardens contribute to the biodiversity of the entire garden.  A variety of plants adds to the choices that a                garden pest has to choose from and therefore may assist in one crop from being entirely devastated because the pest has many            choices.

4.   Companion Planting - Some of the plants used in a butterfly garden also act as companion plants to vegetable gardens by repelling         some pests.

5.   Multiple Use/Edible Flowers and Culinary Herbs - Some of the plants used to attract butterflies are edible to humans and make a           nice addition to a salad or as a garnish.  A number of culinary herbs attract butterflies, and therefore serve a multiple purpose.

      6.   Cutting Garden - Having a butterfly garden nearby the vegetable garden adds to the gardener’s enjoyment if they choose to cut a                   bouquet.

Pam Vetter,
Oct 11, 2011, 7:42 AM
Pam Vetter,
Oct 11, 2011, 7:46 AM