The benefits of birds to vegetable gardens are many. Certain birds eat insects, worms, aphids, caterpillars, grubs and slugs which can destroy roots and leaves on garden vegetation. Larger birds, such as crows, eat mice from the garden

To attract birds to a vegetable garden, provide areas for nesting, feeding, bathing and gathering. Garden ponds or bird baths placed in the center of the garden will attract many birds

Blackbirds look for insects by digging away the top layer of soil; these birds also like berries.
Bluebirds will eat grasshoppers which can destroy leaves. 
Crows, without proper deterrents, will eat corn, cherry tomatoes, vine vegetables or sunflowers.Robins eat the grubs, winged insects and caterpillars
Sparrows will eat seeds if not planted properly, but will also eat insects.
Hummingbirds eat the fruit flies and gnats as well as the aphids and hornworms from leaves and are also good for spreading pollen and seeds from point to point.
Wrens will clear a vegetable garden of most insects to feed their large families

Purple Martin 8 Gourd Birdhouse installed by Boy Scouts in Spring of 2011.

  Bird feeders and Hummingbird feeders were added to the garden in    the fall of 2010.